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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cameras and Camera Accessories to sell:

Note: Cameras are rated from a collector’s perspective but all cameras are in good working condition and ready to take photos unless otherwise stated.

Note: Actual shipping cost from zip 94114 will be added.

Note: Most Olympus cameras can come with the original leather case for free if you want it.


  1. Olympus 35 LC, Great cosmetic and working condition, $65

  2. Olympus 35 LC Great working condition, dirt spot on back, faint scratches, $45

  3. Olympus 35 LE, Good condition, works. Some scratches, $60

  4. Olympus 35 EC-2, Good condition, small scratch on lower left, $30

  5. Olympus 35 ECR, Excellent cosmetic and working condition, $25

  6. Olympus 35 ECR, Dent on top, not tried if it’s working, $10

  7. Olympus 35 EC Chrome, Good looking, works well, $30

  8. Olympus 35 EC BLACK, Gorgeous, like new, $50

  9. Olympus 35 SP Chrome, Great condition, some scratches on bottom, $75

  10. Olympus 35 SP BLACK, Beautiful condition but with SSN on bottom, $165

  11. Olympus 35 SP BLACK, Very faint paint loss on edges, VERY nice $180

  12. Olympus 35 UC, VERY RARE, some scratches on back, $300

  13. Olympus 35 UC, VERY RARE, some dirt stains, scrachecs, $220

  14. Olympus Trip 35 Chrome, Nice condition, never actually used it, $25

  15. Olympus Trip 35 BLACK, Gorgeous in original box and papers, like new, $125

  16. Olympus Quickmatic EEM,Very good condition, wide lens, $15

  17. Olympus OM-4 BLACK, Gorgeous – but is NOT working and missing timer release lever, $50

  18. Olympus 35 ED, Light scratches and paint loss on rear, $35

  19. Canon VT deluxe, Gorgeous. [Sold as a kit, see below] $500

  20. Graphic 35 Like NEW w/box and all accessories, $60

  21. Zeiss Ikon Ikomatic A Works but poor to fair condition. $10

  22. Contax IIIa kit Gorgeous w/ a lot of stuff (see end of doc) $600

Links for various cameras showing what they look like and/or how the photos they took came out:


Graphic 35:

Graphic 35:

Trip 35:

Trip 35:

Olympus 35 SP:

Canon VT deluxe:

Black OIympus 35SPs:

Olympus 35 LE:


Note: The 19mm filters are the very rare screw-in filters that fits the old SM Elmar 50mm lens and allows you to change the aperture without taking the filter off.

For more information see links at the bottom of this section

Note: All filters with no scratches unless otherwise noted.

Note: I am not sure what the 9mm (?) filters are used for but some time ago someone suggested that they are for a rare 3D viewer that Leitz came out with in the 30’s.

  1. Leitz 19mm, yellow, #1, FIRHE w/ original box $60

  2. Leitz 19mm yellow, #1, FIRHE $45

  3. Leitz, 19mm yellow #1, FIRHE $45

  4. Leitz 19mm, yellow #3, FINUS $65

  5. Leitz, ELPET, in box, $20

  6. Leitz ELPIK, in box, $20

  7. Leitz 9mm (?), yellow, marked ‘1’, $30

  8. Leitz 9mm (?), clear, marked ‘F’, $30

  9. Leitz, chrome ring, green GGr (fits a Canon 50/1.4 perfectly), $30

  10. Leitz, screw-in, orange #3, black ring (smaller than for a 50mm) $15

  11. Leitz Clamp-on, green, in black ring $10

  12. Leitz, screw-in, dark red (Rh) $10

  13. Leitz, Yellow/Orange #3, slip-on, $10

  14. Leitz, Yellow/Orange #3, screw-in, $10

  15. Canon 40mm, Yellow #1, Chrome ring $25

  16. Canon 48mm, Skylight $10

  17. Canon 48mm, SKY-1A, Black ring, original box, $12

  18. Heliopan, 40x0.5, UV 0, in original box, $25

  19. Heliopan 48mm, UV ES, Slim version, in original box, $25

  20. Hoya 48mm Y [K2], in box, $5

Note: Since I don’t know the filter size for items 32-36 I can sell them all (five) in one package for $40.

Links for some of the filters mentioned above:





  1. Canon, Chrome metal, Series VI (50/1.8, 35/2.8, 35/3.2) $25

  2. Canon (same as #43) with a stuck(?) Series VI 34mm ring $10

  3. Canon square, black, plastic, Series VI (50/1.9, 35/3.5) Great. $30

  4. Leitz, VALOO, Black, great condition $55

  5. Leitz, FIKUS, (Elmar 5,9,13.5 cm), Black and chrome, $45

  6. Leitz, FISON (Elmar), chrome, great condition, $40

  7. Black S-50 hood (fits Canon 50/1.4 for instance) $15

  8. Zeiss Ikon, Chrome, 1110 A28,8, really beautiful and rare $35

  9. Mamiya hood for 75/3.5 lens for the Mamiya 6/6MF camera $45

  10. Black, no-name, metal hood, 55mm $8

Links for some of the hoods:

Square Canon hood (#45):

S-50 hood (#49):

Chrome Canon hood (#43/44):

Accessories/Various stuff:

  1. Leitz, Plastic cap, 50mm, $5

  2. Leitz, red, unmarked box, fits 19mm filters, $5

  3. Cabin small light panel (CL-5000P) (does not come with the A/C): $50

  4. Olympus, Black plastic lens caps (for 35mm fixed RF cameras) x 2 $5/each

  5. Flexameter, unusual!!, original leather case but seams are open $50

  6. Canon RF external lightmeter. Looks GREAT. Didn’t fit. $45

  7. Canon leather case for 4-5 filters (older), brown $10

  8. Canon leather case for 4-5 filters (older), brown $10

  9. Canon leather case for 4-5 filters (older), black $10

  10. Canon chrome Series VI ‘stepup/down(?)’, 42mm $8

  11. Leitz, BEOOY kit in original red box $35

  12. Leitz, ELDIA in original red box(!) $25

  13. Leitz, flash for M3 WITH the holder under the camera $45

  14. Leitz, Elmar 90/4 lens. Hazy. I didn’t like it at all. Comes w/ caps $25

  15. No-name rear cap. Fits the Elmar 90/4 for instance $3

  16. Leitz, NOOKY for Elmar (SM) $40

  17. Olympus PS200 Flash, Gorgeous condition $25

  18. Great looking leather camera strap “Joseph Kussac” $25

  19. Canon, external viewfinder, 50mm. Great. $55

  20. Canon 50mm screw-in to clamp-on converter ring chrome $25

  21. Canon Series VI 40mm chrome ring $5

  22. Canon RF 50/1.4 lens in GORGEOUS condition w/ original cap $225

  23. Canon RF 50/1.8 lens in also GREAT condition $100

  24. Batteries: KS76 1.5V (SR44) “Best by 2006” (two of them) $4

  25. Batteries: Z675PX 1.4 Zinc Air unopened (two of them) $5

  26. PEAK Loupe, 4x magnification, no skirt. $15

  27. Ragnar Axelsson’s “Faces of the North” book. Signed. $35

  28. Leitz. Parts of focotar set. $15

  29. Leitz MR lightmeter for M3. May well be broken & some scratches $10

  30. Flashbulbs (about 100). Mostly M3 bulbs like Sylvana. Nice boxes $25

  31. Sigma lens. For Canon EOS. 70-300/4-5.6 APO Macro Super $50

Links for some of the accessories mentioned above:

Product information for Cabin light box CL-5000P:

(If you want to buy the A/C for it the product # for that is 601101)

Canon Light Meter (#58):

Canon Light Meter (#58)




Focotar set (parts):







Elmar 90/4 (shows on camera):

Elmar 90/4:


Leitz, flash mount and flash:

Canon, external viewfinder:

Canon 50/1.4 lens:

Canon 50/1.4 lens:

Camera kits:

  1. Contax IIIa color dial camera kit, All in GORGEOUS condition (see picture link below)

Kit includes;

      • Contax IIIa camera in wonderful condition,

      • Sonnar 50/1.5 lens (email for samples of photos taken with it!!),

      • Black leather half-case from Luigi,

      • 3-4 original Zeiss filters for the Sonnar (some with in their original Bakelite boxes!)

      • External Zeiss 50mm viewfinder (VERY rare. Missing one screw on its foot that can be replaced rather easily)

      • Original Zeiss hood for the Sonnar.

For the entire Contax IIIa kit: $600

  1. Canon VT deluxe: Truly a gorgeous kit and that goes for camera body as well as the accessories. Many things looks like-new.

NOTE: EVERYTHING works fine with one exception: The rangefinder spot in the camera tends to fade in and out – or disappear. I have emailed with DAG and his assessment, without having seen the camera is that a glass element may need to be replaced and estimated a $50-75 repair cost. Since this is unconfirmed I am selling the camera with that disclaimer and that is also why you are seeing this kit at a lower price than what this beautiful package would normally fetch.

Kit includes:

  • #19 - Canon VT deluxe (see description above) $175

  • Original Canon leather case that supports the rapid winder $15

  • #31 - Leitz, chrome ring, green GGr (fits a Canon 50/1.4 perfectly), $30

  • #49 - Black S-50 hood (fits Canon 50/1.4 for instance) $15

  • #71 - Canon, external viewfinder, 50mm. Great. $55

  • #72 - Canon 50mm screw-in to clamp-on converter ring chrome $25

  • #74 - Canon RF 50/1.4 lens in GORGEOUS condition w/ original cap $225

  • #75 - Canon RF 50/1.8 lens in also GREAT condition $100

For the entire Canon VT deluxe kit (all 8 items listed above): $525 – or pick the items you want

(I was asked to break out the kit items for individual prices as well so they are listed for each item.

The #’s refer to the numbers in the document where the items are also listed individually).

Contax IIIa photos:

Canon VT deluxe photos:


Blogger Luciano said...

Hi Richard,
I would like to know if you can ship to Argentina. I want to buy the Olympus Trip (chrome).

July 09, 2008 4:06 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Hi Richard,
I'd like to find out about buying one of your cameras...

August 03, 2008 3:11 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

If you're interested in buying anything off this list please provide an email address where I can contact you :)


August 03, 2008 4:14 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Thought you could get it from my profile... Oh well.
Here it is

August 04, 2008 6:06 AM  
Blogger Ron said...


I am interested in one of your cameras! I can be contacted at



August 19, 2008 11:36 AM  
Blogger Val said...

Hi Richard, I am interested in buying one of your Olympus 35SP, black body. Thank you'


August 30, 2008 7:53 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

I am still interested in purchasing one of your cameras! I can be contacted at



September 05, 2008 1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to buy the olympus LC.


September 21, 2008 1:18 PM  
Anonymous Steve Myers said...

Wondering if you still have the cabin light panel for sale..
Please email me at or

Thanks in advance,

September 26, 2008 7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is the chrome Oly 35Sp still available?


October 03, 2008 1:06 AM  
Anonymous CT said...

This is probably a looong shot, but is the Olympus SP (Chrome) still available? (demerzel at

November 08, 2008 6:29 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

If you are interested in ANY of the items please leave your email address when inquiring. It will not be published.


July 23, 2010 12:58 PM  

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