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Monday, January 29, 2007

Frans Lanting

A week ago I attended a session in San Francisco, hosted by the ASMP, where Frans Lanting showed his latest work - LIFE - A Journey Through Time.

Lanting, most known for his stunning nature and wildlife photography such as this one;

(c) Frans Lanting

faced a new challenge with his latest project.

As he explained himself - 'Photographers obsesses with the 'now' - to capture a moment in time before it vanishes. This project led me to try and take photos of scenes that existed thousands and millions of years ago'.

In pursuing photos that would accurately - or as accurately as we can assume that they can be - depict a world now long gone, Lanting traveled the world and collaborated with scientists from a number of fields.

The resulting images are impressive and in the end maybe the value from his work is not to show what the world once looked like - but rather what it still has the capacity to be.
If we let it.

(c) Frans Lanting

(c) Frans Lanting


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