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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Lone Photographer

Photography is often a lonely passtime.
There are many reasons for this and some of those reasons are by choice.
Taking photos can be almost meditative to its nature - you are alone in the nature or on the street, moving through the scenes in an almost zen-like state looking for the moment and subject you want to capture.

Photography also often requires that the people that accompany you share your passion and interest - or at least fully understand it. There is nothing worse than going on a photo excursion with someone that you know is not 'into it' in the same way as you and knowing that the other person is bored and would rather be somewhere else after the first 30 minutes.

The above may be especially true if your passion for photography also includes an interest in the gear you are using - in particular older, classic cameras as that opens up the door to reallly bore the people around you to tears :)

(There are obviously times when photography is part of a social situation (parties, birtdays, vacations, etc) and where the above doesn't apply but I intend to discuss this type of photography in a later post).

As important as it may be for your soul to go out and submerge yourself into your passion and hobby on your own - it is equally important to sometimes get the oportunity to share these interests with kindered spirits.
Internet forum get-togethers, local clubs, a converted girl-/boyfriend, etc are just some examples of how to go about finding camera-bug bitten people.

So, enjoy your zen-like adventures - but remember that from time to time you may also benefit from sharing some of the experiences you've gathered with people not only represented by bits and pixels displayed on your computer monitor.

It's also easier to enjoy a cup of coffee together with someone that way :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Leica III (F) obsession continues...

So I've had my Leica III (F) for a few weeks now and even though I have barely finished half the roll of Fuji Neopan 400 that I put in it - I must have taken over 10 photos OF the camera (using a small digital camera (lesson learnt: the Fuji FinePix Z1 sucks)).

I posted some photos, and thoughts, over at as I found myself taking photos OF my new-old Leica more than I dragged it out and USED it - a thought went through my mind: Had I now crossed the line and become a 'fondling, collecting gear-head'?
Well, as hard as it is to perform a proper selfdiagnosis - especially the state of ones mind - I came to my senses and settled on the fact that I am a 'fondling, collecting, gear-head classic camera user'.

As much as I admire the design and quality of these older cameras I don't think I could ever just put them on a shelf and not use them. Apart from cameras my passion also extends to photography and there are for that reason often times when my small camera collection transforms from being pretty shelf-warmers to tools.
My Hasselblad comes with me when I want to take certain type of photos (or if I am in a certain mood) as does my Leica(s), Canon or Olympus cameras.

So should you happen upon me, sitting at a cafe mindlessly fondling the rewind knob of my 1933 Leica..don't think too badly about me...I may just have taken a photo or two :)

Leica III (F) and Leica M3