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Friday, March 12, 2010

What I'm keeping

A lot (three?) people asked what cameras I am actually keeping for myself after I am done with the big sale (see post(s) below) and the answer is really: Not many.

I'm keeping:
- One Olympus 35ECR as it is so easy to use and have an amazing lens in it,
- One Olympus 35UC as it was such a pain to find and it also takes great photos, and finally
- One Black Olympus 35SP - looks and works great.

So gone is the Hasselblad, Leica M3, Contax IIIa, etc and I find myself almost back to where I started with the cameras I am keeping.

There are still cameras/accessories (a lot) left for sale so if you're interested do let me know.

Will take some new photos this weekend and will post here.